Speaker Profile

Johanna Schuh

Johanna Schuh is founder and director of Insightvoice Naikan Center Vienna. Naikan means introspection, looking inside to explore one’s inner self. Johanna Schuh, born in 1968, lives in Vienna since 1988. Although she is a qualified social worker, her career took another path into the field of administration and office management on the one hand and into the field of personal development on the other hand. The insights out of her first Naikan retreat in 1993 touched her deeply. She then decided to practise and study the Naikan method. Since 2000 she works as a Naikan practitioner, guiding Naikan retreats and is also a coach and speaker. She is co-founder of „Verband für klassisches Naikan“. Her latest book in German “Naikan – Die Welt der Innenschau” will be published in summer 2014.